1. Accounting

For SMEs

SMEs have their own challenges in working. Like any organisation they require information & analysis about their own business; be it issues relating to growth, profitability or liquidity. But they have to make do with an accountant who barely manages compliances.

We at Stratcons, not only do timely accounting & compliances , we also partner SMEs by analysing their business from growth ,profitability & liquidity perspectives & finding solutions to issues in these areas

For E-Comm Companies

E-Commerce companies have huge volume of transactions which many accounting softwares & ERPs are unable to support. But like any business their accounts need to be 100% accurate & the reports to be available timely.

We at Stratcons have developed the expertise of working on large data basis & deliver auditable accounting data with trails in time.

We at Stratcons have developed the expertise of working on large data basis & deliver auditable accounting data with trails in time. We at Stratcons have developed checks & controls while doing accounting to ensure no mistakes take place , since it would be nearly impossible to locate errors in such large volumes. We are maintaining the accounts of an E-Commerce company with more than 10 lakh transactions per month in excel & have been delivering their monthly accounts within two working days after closing , consistently for last 34 months without a single failure.

We also have an in depth understanding of the RBI guidelines on Nodal Banking applicable to E-Commerce companies.

For Real Estate Companies

Real Estate companies have a unique work environment. They are the most regulated, most taxed, operate with very less market information (selling price 2 to 3 years later have to be forecasted today without any system of risk mitigation), assumed to be very highly profitable but which is not the case most times, and have issues related to professionalism.

Stratcons join hands with Real estate companies to ensure that all regulations on the accounting, taxation and banking are complied with. We keep the management abreast of all information reliably enabling them to take informed decisions and corrective action wherever required. Apart from all compliances like the service-tax, VAT, TDS, Income-tax, which are managed by us, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the management in collating and analysing on liquidity, profitability, tax planning issues. We also Profit & Loss account, cash flows periodically, plan the future by budgeting profitability, cash flows and strictly monitoring them, advise management on pricing and costing – for instance which is more profitable : borrow now and sell later or sell now at lower prices but avoid borrowings, the break-even analysis, comparative pricing between normal scheme and 80-20 schemes.

2. Compliances & Appearance services

Compliances today have become very stringent with Government using our own data for validation and cross verification and coming out with tax demands. We at Stratcons ensure that our compliances are such that no queries can arise in such a way that corrective actions are immediately taken and matters not swept under the carpet for future resolving.

Also while appearing before the tax department, Stratcons ensures that all facets of any Government queries are resolved before hand and the replies are so complete and through that no further questions and cross-examinations are required. (Sample reply to queries can be provided.)

We provide services in Income-tax, Service-tax, Companies Act, Sales Tax (VAT), FEMA, RBI procedures, Labour laws like Provident fund, Profession Tax, etc.

3. Tax Planning & Tax Management.

Stratcons understands that taxation is a burden on any organisation and a tax-rupee saved is more important than a tax-rupee paid to the Government. Our core competency is tax planning to make our client gain from tax burden. We specialise, both, in Direct tax and Indirect tax.

We can provide plenty of references of clients where the average tax liability has fallen from 30% to 100%. Similarly for indirect tax, Stratcons starts with the premise that any organisation should get credit for all input taxes it pays and actively participates with the client’s management to build up its business structure in such a way to minimise indirect tax costs.

4. Corporate Finance.

Stratcons understands that finance plays a critical role in any organization to ensure its smooth functioning. We help the company management in the following areas:

  • Preparing Budgets / cash-flows at unit level to determine the exact levels of funds requirements at individual levels and at corporate (global) levels.
  • Structuring the requirement of finance so that the company is not overburdened with repayment obligations and also the financing institution can easily sanction the facility.
  • Depending on the requirements, arranging the same. Be it short term or long term, banks or private loans, equity, quasi-equity or term-debt, Stratcons has expertise to arrange for the same.
  • Investment of surplus funds in different areas / instruments depending on the risk appetite of the company and the duration for which its wants to invest.

5. Management Consultancy.

Stratcons provides support to the management in the following areas:

  • Finance
    IPOs, Private Equity, Mergers, Demergers, Valuation of shares, Valuations of Goodwill, Goodwill impairment testing, ESOP valuations & taxability.
  • Strategy
    Business growth plans, Budgeting & Monitoring, Overseas Investments, Inbound setups, Organisation Structures, Employee responsibilities.
  • System setup and review
    Stratcons provides services in setting up systems for an organisation, internal controls, preparing authority levels, data flow across organisation, MIS reports.

Stratcons also does internal and management audit of systems, processes and data to ensure that the internal control systems are adhered to

6. HR

We provide total HR solutions through our professional Associates 'MS':

  • Executive Search & Placement Services
  • HR Policies and Systems development and implementation
  • Organization Development Interventions
  • Statutory Compliances/Audit
  • Payroll Management

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